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Elite Options Investments, LLC (EOI) was founded by a group of active traders and developed with the goal of educating, empowering, and elevating motivated, goal-driven traders into elite, disciplined traders. EOI is dedicated to developing a community of like-minded members that empower each of to reach their trading and financial goals.


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Elite Live Trade Ideas

Receive live trade ideas, including entry/exit, strike price, and stop loss levels on your desktop or mobile device.

Elite Membership Support

Someone from our team is always available to answer questions or assist with your trading goals.

Elite Market Analysis

Elite Market Analysis summarizes market sentiment; tickers of interest with key levels; relevant news; and documents results of live trade ideas that occurred during the day or from overnight/multi-day swing trades.

Elite Conference Calls

Join us during our weekly conference calls (Sunday/Wednesday) where we discuss market sentiment/charts with key levels, past trade ideas, tickers of interest, market psychology, followed by questions and answers.

Elite Discord

Join our Elite Discord and learn from our diverse and fast growing community of motivated and goal-driven traders. All live trade ideas and commentary are posted here in real-time. You will also find access to the trading bots, educational documents, and more.

Elite Discord Learning Room

Learn about topics, such as creating a trading that fits your goals with proper risk management; identifying support and resistance; determining optimal entry/exit/strength of a trade; market and trader psychology; and more.

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Elite Options Investments, LLC (EOI) was founded by six like-minded individuals focused on financial freedom. Our platform was developed with the goal of educating, empowering, and elevating motivated, goal-driven traders into elite, disciplined traders.


Trading Style: Swing / Day

Trading Experience: 11 years

Education: Mathematics, BS from Savannah State University; Education – Curriculum and Instruction, PhD from Mercer University

Heather aka Hedda

Trading Style: LEAPs, Swing

Trading Experience: 7 years

Education: Masters in Chemical Engineering from Howard University


Trading style: LEAPS

How long trading: 7 years

Education: Chemistry, B.S.


Trading style: Scalper

How long trading: 3 years actively trading and 7 years investing

Education: Bachelor’s degree from UCF in Civil Engineering (Pending)


Trading Style:  Day Trader

Trading Experience:  4 years

Education:  Business Administration Finance Focus from Florida A&M University


Trading Style: Swing 

Trading Experience: 7 years

Education: Computer Science, BS

“The signals were on point. The group is filled with many knowledgeable traders and resources to take my trading to the next level….”

“Honestly the experience was great! You all exceeded my expectations in the area of providing valuable learning material. It was so insightful. I love the idea of being able to profit the wins you all call but to be able to better educate myself at the same time is an X Factor.”

“Lots of knowledge. Lots of enthusiasm. Everyone was patient and willing to teach and share personal experiences. Felt like leadership was very genuine and sincerely wanted everyone to succeed” “The vast amount of information about trading that was provided opened a whole new world of thought in regards to playing the market as a career rather than just something to do in my spare time.”

“The amount of detail and the amount of resources provided by way of infographics, books, videos, etc. were beyond my expectations.”

“The mentors were very patient, responsive and encouraging. The team created a safe environment to ask questions and wanted everyone to truly learn. I like stocks and options signals as recommendations/guidance in navigating the market. I looked and traded in stocks I had never heard of this week - great learning!”

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